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Hardwood Barbecue is a group of men dedicated to the pursuit of the perfect brisket. Smoke and indirect heat is the key to the game and many beans will be spilled along the way. To date the team has placed in every event it has entered earning renown for its pork, chili and especially chicken (one might say that they had to change the rules because of our chicken).

Our Mission

Bonded by common interests and forged by a passion for perfection the team toils in the heat of the cooker striving for the perfect storm of fire, wood, smoke, seasoning and meat that will bring home the gold.

Team Profile

The talent that comprises the team is based primarily in Colleyville, Texas but draws from the neighboring communities of Bedford, Grapevine, and as far away as Highland Park and Possum Kingdom to complete the award winning assemblage.

Contact Information

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The Cook
5611 Colleyville Blvd.
Suite 260-154
Colleyville, Texas
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